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Hetteen Cup Vintage Snowmobile Championship

Race Class Listing (2015) Open Item
Race Information Sheet (2016) Open Item
Race Poster (2016) Open Item
Race Registration Sheet (2016) Open Item
Race Results (2015) Open Item
Race Rules: 1973 and Older 0-300cc and 0-370cc HD Open Item
Race Rules: ISR (2015-16) Open Item

Saturday ~ March 5, 2016
Lake Minnewaska ~ Glenwood, Minnesota

Class Listings from 2015 have NOT changed.


NOTE: Information subject to change. The information posted here is from last year's event with the exception of the flyer, which is updated for 2016.



Registration information coming soon! Same Day Registration will be held at the Lakeside Ballroom from 8:00 - 11:00 a.m.

Late registrations may NOT be accepted without prior authorization!

The Lakeside Ballroom is located at:

180 South Lakeshore Drive, Glenwood, MN 56334.

 The race track is located directly in front of Lakeside Ballroom. 


 Each Hetteen Class participant will pay a one-time fee of $25.00
plus a $25.00 per entry fee for each class.

Specialty Classes will pay a one-time fee of $10.00
plus a $10.00 per entry fee for each class.

100% Payout Guaranteed! 

    Admission Fees

Adults: $5.00 (Exclusing Racers)
Children: $3.00 (Ages 13-17)
Children 12 and Under: FREE

Vintage Snowmobile Show*
Feature Sled:
Arctic Cat

*No registration or fee to participate in the Vintage Snowmobile Show.
Check in at the Admission Area for location to park your sled to showcase.



First Name
Last Name
Zip Code
Make, Model, & Year of Snowmobile(s)
Race Numbers (Please check the boxes for ALL that apply)
Race 1: Women's Class 340cc LC/FA Fan
Race 2: IFS Sportsman 600cc Formula 500cc Formula 340cc
Race 3: SS Superstock 340cc LC
Race 4: SM Super Mod 440cc LC/FA
Race 5: IFS Sno Pro 340X
Race 6: SM Super Mod 300cc LC/FA
Race 7: IFS Sno Pro 440X
Race 8: SS Super Stock 340cc LC/FA 440cc Fan Single Exhaust
Race 9: IFS Formula 340cc
Race 10: IFS 500cc Fan (1992 & Older)
Race 11: IFS Formula 500 Including 340cc
Race 12: Super Stock 440cc LC/FA Including 500cc Stock Single Exhaust
Race 13: IFS Late Model 600cc Limited 500 (Vintage Champ) Late Model 440cc
Race 14: VOLS Stock 1973 & Older 0-300cc Fan Single Cylinder
Race 15: IFS Pro Stock 400cc
Race 16: VOLS Stock 1973 & Older 0-370cc Fan Single Cylinder
Race 17: Super Mod Open to Include 800cc FA
Race 18: Kitty Cat Stock
Race 19: Kitty Cat Mod
Race 20: Z120 Stock
Race 21: Z120 Mod
Race 22: Super Stock 300cc LC/FA/340cc Fan
Race 23: Super Mod 340cc LC/FA
Race 24: Super Stock 440cc Fan
Race 25: Single Cylinder Open Mod LC/FA Fan
Race 26: SS Super Stock 340cc FA
Race 27: Pro Stock Single Cylinder 1980 & Older 0-400cc Fan
Race 28: Super Stock Open Including Super Mod 500cc Fan Single Exhaust (Leafer)
Race 29: IFS 250X Super Mod 250cc LC/FA SS 250cc Combo
Race 30: Junior Class Ages 12-16 0-400cc (Leafer)
Race 31: Masters 50 Years & Older 0-440cc Super Stock
Race 32: Masters 50 Years & Older 0-440cc Super Mod (Leafer/IFS)
Race 33: Senior/Super Senior 60-70 Years & Older 0-340cc Super Stock
Race 34: IFS Junior Class 12-16 Years Old
Please List the Race Number, Sled Number, and Sled Type for each of the races you selected above
Hetteen Races (Races 2-17 and 22-29): $25.00/Race PLUS a 1-time Track Fee of $25.00 (Please calculate the total amount due for the Hetteen Races. Enter $0 if no Hetteen Races are checked above)
Specialty Races (Races 1, 18-21, and 30-34): $10.00/Race PLUS a 1-time Track Fee of $10.00 (Please calculate the total amount due for the Specialty Races. Enter $0 if no Specialty Races are checked above)
Preferred Payment Options (Must select payment option):
Credit Card (You will be redirected automatically to the PayPal site upon submission of your registration form)
Mail Check or Money Order to: Main Event, Box 101, Glenwood, MN 56334
Leave this field empty

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